Turn the Talk speaks to Jo Hind, co-founder of Birdsoup

Turn the Talk took a moment to speak to Jo Hind, co-founder of Women's career and leadership consultancy, Birdsoup who will be hosting one of the sessions at the Turn the Talk workshop on 4th July.


Hi Jo, firstly what is Birdsoup?

Birdsoup is a Career and Leadership consultancy for women.

And who does Birdsoup help?

We help organisations to get the best from every single employee and support women to manage and maximise their careers.

We offer coaching, training, consultancy and believe in programmes that really change behaviour rather than just ticking boxes! We cover Confidence and Communications skills as part of our Leadership programmes and also as standalone workshops. 


You’re a big supporter of Turn the Talk, why do you think it’s an important initiative?

We work with lots of people who want to put themselves forward for speaking opportunities but lack the confidence or conviction to do so. We also see the same names again and again at events we attend. The Turn the Talk research really resonated with what we hear and the fact they're organising this event echoed our need for action, we're delighted to be involved.

Thanks so much for being part of the Workshop, tell us, what can attendees expect from your session on the day of the event?

We know that nerves are often the thing that stop people from putting themselves forward for speaking opportunities, even if they appear confident.

We'll cover why we get nervous, what happens to us physically and psychologically and what we can do to counter it. 

We're hoping you'll come away with a new found respect for your limbic system and some coping strategies to make you the boss of your nerves rather than them being the boss of you.

And finally, are there any last comments you want to leave our followers with, before they see you on the 4th July?

Speaking opportunities can really help build confidence, profile and hone your communication skills. Getting out of your comfort zone and committing to doing it is the first step.

We’re delighted to have Jo join the line-up of experts contributing sessions to the workshop on 4th July. If you haven’t sign up yet you can do so on the Eventbrite page.

For more information on Birdsoup take a look at their website!

Anjulie Truong