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Our Mission

People from all parts of the Performance Marketing industry are calling, sometimes quite vocally and publicly, for change. Turn the Talk is an initiative created to support this call for change, empowering individuals and broadening voices.




Of people feel that professional events do not showcase a varied and diverse group of speakers


Of people express concern about how comfortable they would feel presenting at professional events


Of people have turned down a speaking opportunity because of nerves and lack of confidence

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Join the network of businesses actively supporting and nurturing their staff by helping individuals to feel more confident that their voice matters.
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If we all become more aware, understand the issues and care a bit about solving them, we can be an inclusive, diverse and innovative industry that people want to, and can feel proud to be part of.
— Helen Southgate, EMEA MD, Acceleration Partners
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See what events are happening in Performance Marketing and which you can apply to speak at.

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Content to help you

Driving change doesn’t happen overnight. There are many contributing factors that result in a lack of diversity on stage and a failure to create more inclusive opportunities in leadership and senior management positions.

Research into these factors helps us to create guides, articles and provide advice which challenges the status quo to empower more people.

These resources include guest editors, please get in touch if you would like to contribute.

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Our industry is calling out for more diversity. Turn the Talk is all about empowering voices across the industry, bringing greater diversity to our industry events and wider thought leadership. It’s time to give new voices a platform to be heard.
— Sophie Parry-Billings, Senior Marketing Manager EMEA, Acceleration Partners



In March 2019 Turn the Talk surveyed participants from the Performance Marketing industry to better understand the challenges faced with speaking at events.

This report asked respondents to comment on their feelings towards public speaking and how inclusive and freely available the opportunities are.

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“To what extent have professional events in the last year featured a diverse range of speakers?”


Turn the Talk aims to raise awareness in performance marketing to ensure that it is properly representing the people that work in it, by broadening opinions and diversifying contributors
— Anjulie Blunden, Managing Partner, Connected Path